Brewery Review

Brew Gents in Braddock, Pa: Pils and Progress


Braddock Beer scene is moving it up.

Not that it all started with Craft Beer, or even the iconic Mayor Fetterman, but the Pittsburgh Steel Town of Braddock is getting all kinds of uplift from the Craft Beer scene in Pittsburgh. The genuine desire of Braddock citizens to see their challenged town make a comeback, is the Origin. But Craft Beer is doing all it can, too.

The Brew Gentlemen on the main drag not far from the famous Welcome Sign and its mosaic Pit Bull is the nexus point of top flight hop based beers that is pulling in a powerful mix of locals – including The Community – Pittsburgh Craft Beer aficionados, and Beer Tourists from all over.

Now that Pittsburgh Celeb Chef Kevin Sousa has opened his Alpha restaurant: Superior Motors one floor below Hiz Honor’s family home, and across the street from the active US Steel Edgar Thompson Works, Braddock has another place that offers superior Craft Brews.

The brew to choose at The Gents is their own Pilsner lager, BG Pils. I am always going to get a Craft Brewery Pilsner to see if they can handle the demands of temperature, cleanliness and water refinement that lagers demand.

BG Pils is a traditional Pilsner that has been dialed back on the Hop profile to get to the lighter and more effervescent finish of the refreshing American lagers. If you think about it that is a nifty way to have the best of both World’s

Great for enjoying there, the BG Pils is best taken away from The Gents and enjoyed deep cooled at a picnic, backyard barbecue, or chaise lounging on a warm Pittsburgh afternoon, with the device binging away.