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I am Linda Reedy, a McKeesport gal, & yes I think BIFC.


Hi everybody. This will have to kinda quick because Val will be home soon, and he is picking up Island at VBS. That is why I have to be so very careful doing these blogs on BFC because, well you know they have that bad word in the bloggy name. But I just can’t help it, because even Valentine thinks beer is, you know. That.

Well anyway just want to let you know that I will be chirping in every now and then on what is happening in the Craft Beer thing here in God’s Country and some other places in an around, such as Cleveland and Detroit. Yes, Val and I are beer tourists, too. Little Island comes along, but we are careful not to get into trouble, as so many of the nicer places are kind of fun for kids, too. They even have board games over at The Gents in Braddock that are fun for us to play.

Because Val and I never drink to excess, and as much as possible we want to share the good food so many of the Craft Breweries offer that well, all-in-all it is just a good time for a family. That can’t be wrong, can it? And we are always very, very careful not to drink and drive. No one drives until the alcohol has been eliminated, if you know what I mean.

And of course going to these wonderful Craft Breweries and Gastro Pubs (really I wish there was a better term, it sounds like everyone gets gas at those places) it gives me a chance to say Hi to the Matts. You know those charming young men who brew beer here in the Pittsburgh area. There are so many of them named Matt I just call them The Matts. They are pleasant young men. So very pleasant. And they seem to like a more experienced woman who is centered yet knows what she wants. That sort of thing.

Oh, I think I hear Val and Isle pulling up in the driveway. So I got to go, but I will be back soon with some thoughts on what is brewing in Pittsburgh. Get it? Brewing in. . . oh, just being silly.

Linda Reedy.
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